Heirs’ property is land that has been passed down through generations from family member to family member, often without it being property deeded. The original purchaser, did not have a will or was unable to deed the property to their descendants. The purchaser, any number of years later, might have several, if not hundreds of heirs’ who have ownership rights towards the property, but without a clear title or ‘fractured’ title. The property can be owned or lived on for generations, yet if the land goes up for sale or needs to be divided, the legality of who can do what with the property comes into play.

What We Offer

The Lowcountry Gullah Foundation raises funds to assist Gullah Geechee families who are struggling to pay their delinquent County taxes. In addition to financial assistance, the Foundation provides necessary solutions to prevent yearly returns to the tax list. Through offering information, resources and support, families establish a solid financial base from a series of targeted programs, which include workshops with general and individualized guidance on economic land opportunities, as well as understanding and untangling title and heirs property issues.

Tax Payment Assistance

Financial assistance is available to homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties and are in jeopardy of losing their property at the County Tax Sale.


Our series of workshops are specifically designed to inform and educate landowners in economic development, land use and management and financial literacy.


We offer information and support through the process of resolving land issues and strategic partnerships with organizations that specialize in heirs’ property issues.

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